Data Folkz Learning Center

DataFolkz is a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds collaborating for the vision of India taking a lead in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning industry. Our cross-discipline backgrounds and a strong understanding of the relevance of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning in emerging markets make us an ideal choice for students of all backgrounds.

100% Live Lectures

Registered students can:

  • Find demo live lectures
  • Interactive sessions with Industry experts
  • Online Classes by professional instructors
  • 100+ Live Classes For Complete Conceptual Clarity
  • Weekly Tests & Practice Questions To Revise And Track Progress
  • Mock Tests With Detailed Analysis To Get You Industry Ready

Live Industry Projects

Working on live industry projects is nowadays an essential factor to determine your skillset for the future. These days live projects are running in surplus in various companies and institutions.

With Data Folkz we provide Live projects along with industry or company certification which helps fresher as well as experts to enter the industry with full confidence.

Daily Quick Reads

In this fast-paced world, it’s indispensable to know everything especially regarding your field of interest. At Datafolkz we provide you with a crux of the important happening in a capsuled manner which would help you become more aware and at the same time make a mark for yourself amongst others.

Personalised 24x7 Support

With Datafolkz personalized Support, benefit from our expertise and personalized assistance 24/7.

  • Direct access to telephone support for advice, assistance, and counseling regarding all your queries
  • Dedicated 24/7 access to our Industry Experts to guarantee an optimal level of performance and high reliability of favorable ROI